13forty4 is Changing! IMPORTANT Update!

Free Devotions - Online Ministry - 13forty4 Important Ministry Update

The vision for 13forty4 is evolving and changing! It is going to be a special year as the ministry begins to take shape according to our deepest convictions about the American Church! Watch the video above to learn more!

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2 thoughts on “13forty4 is Changing! IMPORTANT Update!

  1. How we need reminders! I know of one older brother in Christ who had made some serious cash in his youth and by Providence continues to have it roll in. Yet his habit is to always give it away, from local to global serious need, as Clay mentioned here. After his few bills are paid and taxes take their percent, it all goes to Kingdom purposes and his balance then goes to zero again. By my own comfort-conditioning over time, he stands out as “radical” and an exception in my mind because of that giving. Perhaps then, according to God’s design and the point Clay is making here, he should be the norm and not the exception. For God’s covenantal family, whatever extra we hold on to, will only hurt us!

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