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We would love for our books to encourage you in your walk with the Lord!  You can use the links below to order each book!  If you cannot afford a copy, please contact us through the contact page.  However you get yours, we pray that they would be a blessing to you!

Look Away: 60 Days of Treasuring God

Free Devotions - Online Ministry - New Book Release! - Look Away- 60 Days of Treasuring God

Look Away is a 60-day daily devotional meant to help you treasure God above all things. Each day examines one verse of Scripture, and includes a short devotion writing that highlights what each verse specifically says about God. The devotional will push you to look away from yourself, and all other shallow treasures, and instead look to God! My prayer for the book is that it would help you expand your view of God and see Him for who He truly is!

“Shallow treasures are no longer good enough. Your soul was made for more. It was made for God. Take this 60-day journey and treasure Him above all things!”

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Men Are…:Biblical Characteristics of Godly Men

Free Devotions - Christian Resources - Men Are

Men Are… is a message that was placed on my heart on January 24, 2016. In the book, we examine twelve distinct characteristics that the Bible calls men to. Full of deep truths, mixed with practical application, Men Are… is helpful for both men and women. My prayer for the book is that men, families, and ultimately the world would change forever!

“Manhood starts with His sacrifice on the cross, and ends with a radical life that brings glory to His name.”

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