Men Are…

Men Are… is a message that was placed on my heart on January 24, 2016.  I will never forget how God was continually breaking my heart for men.  He created a passion in me to see men become all that they are created to be.  He was shaping me to help shape others.  The 14-month journey of this book has left me a better man than I was before this book was spoken over me.  There are twelve Biblical characteristics of men described in this book, and I pray that they will change men forever.

We would love to hear if this book has impacted you in any way.  We would also love to help get a copy of the book in your hands.  You can use the link below to order a copy.  If you cannot afford a copy, please contact us through the contact page.  However you get it, we pray that it would be a blessing to you.

“Manhood starts with His sacrifice on the cross, and ends with a radical life that brings glory to His name.”

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