Colossians Bible Study Starting 10/05/18!

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I am super excited for our new, in-depth, Bible study on the book of Colossians!  This study is going to be a video series on our Youtube Channel, starting this Friday (10/05/18), so be sure to be checking our channel and social media pages to stay updated!  If you have not subscribed to our Youtube Channel, that is the easiest and best way to stay updated on video teaching.  You can do so by hitting the red “SUBSCRIBE” button on the main channel page on Youtube.  The videos will also be posted on our Videos page each day!

The heart for this Bible study series is that you and others would be able to learn and understand the precious truths that are in the book of Colossians.  Instead of a self-help or topical type of study, I want to instead dive in to context and deeper meaning.  Who wrote Colossians?  Why did he write this letter?  Who did he write it to?  What is he saying in the letter?  What does it all mean?  I want this study to answer questions just like these!  

I want to encourage you to take this journey with me.  There are four chapters in Colossians, and it will take us a good chunk of this month to get through all four.  We will go slow, trying to get the most out of each chapter.  The videos will be fairly short, focusing in on the biggest takeaways from each day.  Would you consider making the commitment to join this Bible study from beginning to end?  I believe that you will be glad that you did!  The Bible is an amazing book full of amazing truth, and my prayer is that you will love it more than ever!

My final challenge for you would be to share what God teaches you each day.  Sharing what we learn from a Bible study is obviously a great way for us to spread the Gospel, but it also pushes us out of our comfort zones and gets us talking about our faith.  Social media is an amazing way to do this.  You can use the links to the videos to post or share the videos.  If you do not use social media, I would encourage you to share with a spouse, neighbor, or friend.  You will find that when you share what you are learning, that truth will grow deeper roots in your heart.  Truth shared is truth remembered!  That truth might also help someone who is desperately needing to hear it!  The Gospel is too good to keep to ourselves!

I am praying for you and others over the course of this Bible study.  Going forward, there are going to be three short videos posted each week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).  All videos will be posted early in the mornings by 6:00 a.m. CDT, so you can watch before your workday begins.   Open your Bible and let God speak to your heart.  Come expectant.  Let the truth of Scripture stir your affections and push you into Jesus.  Share the content and let people know what you are learning.  Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and comments on the videos.  Open dialogue is an amazing way to get more out of a study.  If you enjoy this Bible study, feel free to let us know what book of Scripture you would like to study next time.  I pray this is a blessing to you.  Be encouraged!

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