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“Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord.”  (Romans 12:11)

Where is your passion?  That is basically what Paul is asking us in Romans 12:11, as we continue our 13-day daily devotional.  Is your passion and enthusiasm in the Lord?  Does serving God and living a radical Christian life fire you up?  If not, Paul wants to wake you up today.

First of all, know that this verse is coming from a man who is qualified to push us out of our lazy, lack-of-passion Christianity.  Paul was a man who wanted nothing more than his necessities (Acts 20:34).  He didn’t care what else the world had to offer (Acts 20:33).  He didn’t mind that prison and beatings were awaiting him in new cities (Acts 20:23).  He went anyways, loving that he had the opportunity to serve Christ and suffer for Him.  Paul was a man who did not even consider his own life to be of any value on its own.  All he wanted was to do what God had called him to (Acts 20:24).  Yeah, that guy knows what it is like to be passionate about the Lord!  He wants the same passion for us.

So, we must not be slothful in our zeal, passion, or enthusiasm.  The slothful, lazy, slow, “blah” Christian life is not the life that God wants for us, according to Paul.  Romans 12:11 walks through an easy progression.  First, do not be slothful or lazy.  Second, be passionate and enthusiastic.  Third, serve the Lord.  The third piece is the key!  I think Paul is trying to tell us that if we would make up our minds that we are going to serve the Lord with everything we have, we are going to find a life full of passion and zeal!  We would become enthusiastic about life!  We would never turn back!

So, friend, where is your passion?  Are you slothfully wondering through life with no sense of purpose?  Do you find yourself lacking any enthusiasm?  If so, serve the Lord.  Ask Him what He wants you to do.  Decide that the world has nothing for you.  Read about the apostle Paul in Acts 20 and find encouragement from his radical life.  He’s not putting burdens on you by telling you to sell out for the Lord.  No, he is pushing you into life.  He is showing us that when we get a taste of this true life, there is no room for us to continue to be slothful.  We will find life, purpose, passion, and plenty of enthusiasm.  Go, then, and serve the Lord! Join us tomorrow for verse 12!

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  • What is it that really gets you fired up with a sense of purpose? Do you lack a sense of passion for the Lord?
  • In what ways can you go and serve the Lord? Is He calling you to anything specific?
I would love to hear your thoughts and answers in the comments below!

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