Do You Want To Experience Biblical Christianity?

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I want to live and experience Biblical Christianity.  I want my family to live and experience Biblical Christianity.  Do you?  Are you currently living and experiencing this kind of life?

Biblical Christianity

When I read the words of Jesus in Scripture, I can easily justify them to mean something else.  For instance, when Jesus tells me to deny myself and take up my cross daily, it is easy to tell myself that He doesn’t really mean it in such a strong way (Luke 9:23).  Surely, He just uses that language to give me a shot of conviction, only to let it fade the next day.

When Jesus tells me that the one who is least among us is the greatest in His eyes, there is no way that He is trying to contradict the American Dream (Luke 9:48).  Surely, the greatest in God’s eyes is the one who has all the toys and works to build an empire.  There must be a problem with the wording! Or, is the problem rooted in my lack of taking Christ at His Word?  Can you relate?

Does Jesus really mean it when He says that no one can be His disciple unless they renounce and give up everything they have (Luke 14:33)?  I believe that He does mean it.  More and more, I am becoming discontent with living as if He doesn’t.

Living Examples

Have you ever heard stories of Christians who live in poverty and somehow seem to have an overflowing abundance of spiritual wealth?  How about the stories of Christians who have been persecuted and tortured and often wish to go back once they become free due to the incredibly strong Presence of God they experienced in their suffering?  These types of stories shock me, but as I read my Bible I realize: these are the exact realities and promises the Bible talks about in the New Testament.

Could it be that Biblical Christianity is actually the polar opposite of the American Dream?  Selfishly, we may want to say it’s not.  Biblically, however, we must say that it is.  So, the real question becomes: do we believe the Bible enough to live in the way that Jesus commands?  Or will we continue to pretend He doesn’t really mean what He says?

I want to experience the powerful Christianity that I read about in the Bible.  How about you?  If so, we must trust Jesus when He says that we will only find true life when we lose our lives for His sake (Luke 9:24).  I believe that when we do, we will experience the life that we read about in Scripture and in other parts of the world.  We will experience real, true, Biblical Christianity.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Want To Experience Biblical Christianity?

  1. Most excellent, Clay! How good it is to hear your reminders, along with all the means of grace (and how we need ’em!!!) of how God must reinvent us, especially our minds, to truly enter in. Thanks so much!

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