I Shall Not Want

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Reading Ephesians 4 with my men’s group a few weeks ago left me wide-eyed.  Paul penned a massive statement in verse 19, and it captured my heart.  Take a look at what it says:

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

This verse is a stick of dynamite that should cause our hearts to explode with gladness.  All your needs…met.  Amazing, amazing news.  Next to all your needs in my Bible, there is a small letter that indicates a reference.  My Bible noted that this verse is referencing Psalm 23:1.  Psalm 23 is perhaps the most famous Psalm in all of Scripture.  I have read it for years, but I never saw it quite like I did that morning a few weeks ago.

“The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.”  (Psalm 23:1)

Other versions of Scripture say, “I shall not want.”  I have read this verse for years thinking that I should not want, so that I can be a Christian.  I think many Christians find themselves in the same rut.  We think, “I am a Christian.  I shall not want, because I am not supposed to want.”  Good luck fighting off sin with that mindset.  When referenced with Ephesians 4:19, Psalm 23:1 becomes crystal clear.

I shall not want, because there is nothing more I need.  I lack nothing.  All my needs are already met in Christ.

 This is where sin is lost.  God was meant to be our everything.  Sin is lost in our joy in God.  We will no longer try not to want; we will simply not want because we will be fulfilled and supremely satisfied.  Allow me to summarize Psalm 23:1 in relation to what God has done in my heart through this verse: “If the LORD is my Shepherd, there is nothing else I need.”  Dear reader, this is the good news of the gospel.  We lack nothing in Christ, if He is our Shepherd.  That leaves the question: Is the Lord your Shepherd?

Your answer to this question will ultimately determine your Christian experience.  We are but sheep.  Sheep without a shepherd will wander around without a clue.  If anyone or anything, outside of Christ, is leading the flock, the sheep will always be led astray.  If Christ is leading the flock, the sheep will have all they need.  They will be satisfied with all their needs met.  This leaves us with two options:

1.) Wander on our own trying to find our fulfillment.  Like ignorant sheep, we will be left unfulfilled in an endless search.

2.) Follow our Shepherd and simply lack nothing.  Have all our needs met in Him.  We shall not want.

I know which option I am choosing.  This is not a Christian belief, used to make the seeker try harder.  It is not a call to make ourselves want nothing.  This is a promise from God, Himself, to cause the seeker to overflow with joy.  It is a gift of grace that will satisfy our souls and leave us with nothing more to want.  Suddenly, we will not want or need the sin, fancy toys, pay raise, drugs or alcohol, or any other bottomless pit the world has to offer.  Your soul was meant for satisfaction in God.  If He is your Shepherd, you shall not want.  You lack nothing.  My God will meet all your needs.  Amen.

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