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We believe that God has already been leading us in a specific direction this year.  He is prompting us to use our online platform to reach areas that could not otherwise be reached.  What we love about our platform is this: anyone in the entire world, who has access to internet, can hear the gospel at any given moment.  It does not require any more resources to spread our message globally than it does to spread it locally.  Everything we do and say can be accessed anywhere on the planet if internet is present.  We believe that this is an amazing thing!  Our hope for this platform is to enter into unreached areas of the world with the gospel.  God is leading us in that direction.

Unreached VS. Unsaved

    Many Christians go on about their lives without ever considering the unreached people of the world. We, myself included, often get caught up in the rat race of life and do not think much about anything outside of our own bubbles.  Our me-saturated tunnel vision keeps us from some amazing statistics.*  For instance, did you know that more than 7,000 people groups on the planet have limited to no access to the gospel?  Not just 7,000 people, but 7,000 people groups…entire cultures.  These groups are made up of more than 3.1 billion people.  Think about that.  3.1 billion people have limited to no access to hearing the gospel.  Should we neglect this?

Allow me to explain a little bit further. When we say people group, what we are referring to is a group of people who identify together and share culture, language, history, customs, etc. When we say unreached, we do not mean unsaved. For instance, there are plenty of unsaved people in America who are not considered unreached. Unreached refers to areas having very little to no Christian evangelistic presence. The average, unsaved person in America can drive fifteen minutes in any direction and hit a church. An unreached person in another part of the world, as of now, does not have that same luxury. If efforts are not taken to reach these people with the gospel, they will remain apart from Christ. Over 3.1 billion people remain in this helpless state. Are you okay with that?

    Jesus commands us to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).  He also tells us that we will be His witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).  “Well, that is what missionaries are for,” we like to say.  However, if we take Jesus’ words literally, which we should, then we are all called to be missionaries.  Not all of us are called overseas or to the same place, but we are all called.  Missionary is a title that we have made up.  Jesus is not calling for missionaries.  Jesus is calling for Christians.  The burden of unreached nations falls on the shoulders of Christians…all Christians.

Jesus is not calling for missionaries.  Jesus is calling for Christians.

Do you need a more selfish reason to focus on the nations?  Consider this reasoning.  We are so focused and consumed with trying to guess when Jesus will return.  As the world seems to get worse and worse, we continually assume that His return is drawing near.  We look for signs.  We want Him to come, and we should.  However, one piece of the puzzle is missing.  When Jesus’ disciples asked Him for signs pointing to His return, He assured them that one thing must happen first.

“And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations.”  (Mark 13:10)

    Do you want Jesus to come back?  Then go reach the nations!  We want signs just like the disciples did.  In our guessing and searching for signs, we often overlook this crucial piece of the story.  The gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations.  Not most nations.  Not just our own nation.  All nations.  There are still 3.1 billion people left out of this group.  That is a lot of people.  If we want Jesus to return, let us stop guessing for a date or time and put our efforts towards reaching the unreached!

    This is going to be a major theme of everything we do this year as a ministry.  We want to use our platform to reach unreached people, bring awareness to this issue, and empower Christians everywhere to do the same. Would you consider joining us?  If so, here are some ways to do so.

1.) Share

    Sharing our content is an easy and effective way to spread our reach and create overall awareness.  This can be done on any social media platform.  Every time that a piece of content is shared, our chances of reaching an unreached area increase.  Would you consider making a commitment to sharing our online material for the next 30 days?  We believe that even a handful of people committed to sharing social media content would make a massive, eternal difference in people’s lives.  What more could we ask for!?!  Simply sharing our content will also create more awareness to this massive need of world evangelization.  The more people who know about this issue, the more people who will potentially jump on board.

2.) Pray

    We believe that this endeavor is impossible without the power of prayer.  We need more people dedicated to praying for unreached people groups.  Would you consider joining us in prayer? God can do miraculous things when a group of people decide to seek Him collectively on their knees.  We believe God could change entire people groups with the gospel.  We believe He may even stir some of us to get more involved with world evangelism as we simply pray for others.  We believe God may provide translators to eliminate language barriers.  We simply believe that when Christians decide to make a collective effort towards a worthy goal, God can change the world.  Join us as we seek the Lord and intercede for groups of people who cannot intercede for themselves.

3.) Shirts

    One of the ways in which we want to spread awareness is by creating shirts designed to spark conversation and/or intrigue.  Some people may never see a social media post, but they may see someone wearing a shirt at the store.  Would you consider buying a shirt and wearing it around your city?  This is a great way to spread awareness and get this issue in front of more people.  These shirts are linked below! Your purchase goes to directly funding our efforts to reach the nations, as well as spreading awareness to help build an army of people who will do the same.  That is an amazing thing.

    We want to thank you in advance for partnering with us.  This is a God-sized endeavor that you are backing.  What better way to spend our time and resources than to pour them out for the missional commands of Jesus?  Our prayer is that people will be reached, awareness will be spread, missional Christians will be raised up, and God will be glorified.  Let’s give our lives to that end.

*Unreached statistics come from the Joshua Project:

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