Personal Convictions, 2020, & Year End Giving

Free Devotions - Online Ministry - Personal Convictions, 2020, & Year End Giving

Vision for 2020

Two books have really solidified some convictions in my own heart, which will shape what we do and how we do ministry in 2020! First, the Lord challenged me in David Platt’s book, Something Needs to Change. Second, the story and convictions of Richard Wurmbrand in his book, Tortured for Christ, rocked my world. Learn more in the video above! You can get both books using the links below!

I look forward to seeing where these convictions will take this ministry into the new year! If you want to partner with us financially for 2020, or are looking for a last minute year end donation, you can give using the link below! THANK YOU for your generosity!

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