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“Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul.”  (Psalm 66:16)

Today’s writing is a simple one.  I want to push us into the mindset of the psalmist.  A lot of times we lack the desire that he had.  “Come and hear!  I will tell you what God has done for my soul!”  We often live as if we are saying, “I will keep my testimony to myself!”  There is no power there.  There is no spread of God’s grace there.  You are armed with a story that is meant to be shared!

We have turned discipleship and evangelism into a job solely for our pastors.  We have no trouble telling our neighbor, “Come to our church sometime.”  However, we struggle mightily telling that same neighbor, “Let me tell you what God has done for my soul!”  Inviting people to church is great, but telling them your story is often times better.  The church does not pay the pastor to do all of the work.  We have devastatingly slipped into this mindset.  “Come hear my pastor,” must turn into, “Come hear my testimony!”

Why do most of us have trouble sharing our faith?  I think the fear of man and the fear of rejection are two major obstacles in our hearts.  We are afraid that the person may think that we are weird.  Or we are afraid that if we step out and tell our story to a stranger that he or she will reject us.  I believe that both of these fears are rooted in a false belief.

Having one or both of these fears shows us that we believe our actions can make or break someone’s salvation.  We think, “If I do not say the perfect thing, the person won’t come to Christ!”  This is completely false.  God does the saving.  We are only a means for His saving power.  Our “performance” is not the deciding factor.  God can use an imperfect, fifteen second testimony to save a soul.  No “performance” is needed.  Just tell your story.  God will do the rest!

I want you to notice that the psalmist says that he will tell what God has done for his soul.  This is crucial.  He is not interested in telling about the physical or material blessings the Lord has provided.  We are good at saying, “Yeah, my large house is a blessing from God!”  Or we have no problem saying, “My good health is a blessing from God!”  Both statements may be extremely true, but your house and your health do not compare to the blessing of grace that saved your soul.  God will never do anything for you that is more important than what He has done for your soul.  Poverty or disease would not hinder the miracle of our saved souls!  Therefore, we say, “Come and hear what God has done for my soul!

God will never do anything for you that is more important than what He has done for your soul.

So what has God done for our souls, if we have faith in Christ?  I will start by sharing my story!  Before Christ, I was a college kid who was desperately searching for fulfillment.  I tried thing after thing, party after party, hoping that somehow the next experience would somehow fill the empty pit I felt in my soul.  Nothing worked, so I continually tried other endless pits that left me in the same state.  Miraculously, God did not leave me there.  

When I was twenty years old, God began to draw me to Himself.  I can remember moments where He would reveal Himself to me in ways I could not deny.  Everything suddenly began to make sense, “God is the answer!”  The longing I felt in my soul year after year began to fade.  God then brought Makinze into my life and I was suddenly armed with a godly helper.  I was never turning back.  A gracious Savior died for me.  My long list of sin was forgiven.  My old desires were fading.  My emptiness was disappearing.  My soul was satisfied.  My dim life became bright.  Oh, God did a miraculous work to my soul!

I want to encourage you to share your story this week.  Do not continue to place all responsibility on your pastor.  You are armed with a story to tell.  Your neighbor may fall asleep during a forty minute sermon, but God may stir his or her soul with your five minute testimony.  Do not worry about someone’s reaction.  Remember: the outcome is not your responsibility!  Just be obedient in sharing your story, and God will do the rest.  Even a “rejection” in our limited understanding could be a planted seed that is used later on to bring that person to faith in Christ!

The outcome is not your responsibility!

Be empowered to share your faith.  Simply tell the world your story.  Maybe you do not have the dramatic conversion story like the apostle Paul.  That is okay!  Every salvation story is a miraculous, improbable, and gracious work of God.  Whether you were saved at age five or age sixty-five, you have a story to tell.  People need to hear that story and only you can tell it.  Therefore, go and tell them what God has done for your soul!

  • Do you struggle to share your faith? If so, why do you think that is?
  • Challenge yourself to share your story with two people this week. You can do it!

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