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Fall is finally among us.  It is officially time to bust out the pumpkin spice candles and eat the pumpkin muffins.  Pumpkin spice lattes are now everybody’s must-have!  Isn’t it funny how we adjust from season to season?  I find it very interesting that people may not ever consider a pumpkin spice latte during winter, spring, or summer, but will drink one in the fall any chance they get.  Some people may not even be too crazy about pumpkin spice, but will still splurge on all things pumpkin in the fall.  That is comical to me!

As I saw a pumpkin spice sign earlier this week, it got me thinking about Christianity.  How many of us treat our faith like we treat our favorite pumpkin spice latte?  We don’t care about it most of the time, but when it feels right, we like to bust it out.  When everyone else is doing it, then we think about our faith.  I believe that if pumpkin spice was a good enough flavor, we would eat it and drink it all year long.  The gospel, what Jesus has done for us on the cross, is good enough for it to always be on our minds.  Our faith should not be a seasonal item!

Your Pumpkin Spice Gospel?

What does this look like in your life?  Is the only time you think or care about your faith on Sundays, when it is the “right” thing to do?  Do you only think about the gospel on Easter and/or Christmas?  Honestly, is Christianity just a seasonal faith for you?  Here is the important question: do you really cherish the cross?  Or are you just standing in line for the latte because other people are doing it?  The gospel is not just a seasonal item!  It is a best-seller that is sold all year long, proving to be much more valuable than a part-time option!

My prayer for us is that we would stop with the seasonal Christianity.  Our faith is not flavored in pumpkin spice.  The cross of Jesus Christ is not only good on Sundays.  It is not only good on Easter.  The gospel is not only enough for us on Christmas.  We need it everyday.  Let us cherish it everyday.  Trade in the shallow “Christianity” for the real thing.  Jesus has saved our souls.  We have peace with God through Him.  That is so much more than a seasonal flavor.  The gospel is not just trendy.  No, it is actually good…beyond good.

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