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You are probably familiar with the popular W.W.J.D. bracelets.  They have been out for years and are an acronym for “What would Jesus do?”  The idea behind the bracelets is a powerful one.  I used to wear a navy blue W.W.J.D. bracelet for years until it literally became caked full of gunk and was nearly illegible.  The bracelets are meant to be a reminder for you as you make decisions to try to do what Jesus would do in your current situation.  Pretty cool, right?  Or, is there a better way to approach life and situations?

I recently heard someone oppose the idea of W.W.J.D, and it got my wheels turning.  The person opposing the popular acronym was basically saying that trying our best to do what Jesus would do is promoting a works-based faith.  I couldn’t agree more.  What I once thought to be a powerful reminder, can actually be, if we let it, a heavy burden that is void of any power.  By trying to do what Jesus would do, we are trying to be perfect, which is impossible.  A pursuit of perfection will do nothing but leave us frustrated and discouraged.  I think the more powerful acronym would be W.J.D….“What Jesus did.”

What Jesus Did.

Am I saying that we shouldn’t wear our W.W.J.D. bracelets?  Not necessarily.  I am just saying that if the basis of our faith is trying to do what Jesus would do, we are in trouble.  The power of the gospel is not that we have to try to do what Jesus would do.  The power of the gospel is that all we have to do is trust in what Jesus has already done.  That is a much different message!  I believe that if we would continually remember what Jesus did, we would start acting more like Him.  Understanding what He did brings power and changes us! However, if our foundation and focus is trying to act more like Him, we will start forgetting what He did.

So, the goal of this writing and our new shirt designs below, is to give you a more powerful message to keep in your mind as you live your life.  Remembering what Jesus did will give us power to live the Christ-honoring life that we want to live.  By living a perfect life that we couldn’t, dying on the cross that we deserved, and being raised to life to conquer death, Jesus bought salvation for us.  We are eternally forgiven of sin.  We are made right with God.  This message, this gospel, brings us into a place of freedom.  Living in that freedom, rather than the burden of trying to be perfect, is what brings the God-glorifying life that W.W.J.D. is trying to push us into.

Better Than W.W.J.D.

To summarize, I just want you to know that behavior modification does not make you a better person or make God love you more.  Trying harder is not the message Jesus died for.  Jesus did not die for you to try to do what He did.  He died because you couldn’t do what He did.  That is the point.  If you could do what Jesus did, there would be no reason for Him to die.  You couldn’t and I couldn’t, so Jesus paid it all for us.  That is good news.  That, my friend, is why I am pushing you into Christ.  Stop trying to do what Jesus did.  Instead, simply trust in what He did. Amazingly, you will start acting more like Him. That is better than W.W.J.D.!

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