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What are you facing right now? Does this week have you in a funk? Are you currently feeling worn out, discouraged, or exhausted? Do you find yourself struggling in sin? Are you at a breaking point? Whatever your current situation looks like, there is a verse in 2 Timothy that I believe can be foundational and groundbreaking for you.

“You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”  (2 Timothy 2:1)

Notice where Paul pointed Timothy here. He was sending Timothy to the ultimate source for strength, and it may not be where we typically look for it. Paul did not send him to get a motivational best-selling book.  He also didn’t give him a five-step process to change his circumstances.  Instead, Paul simply pointed Timothy to the grace that is in Christ Jesus. That is where you and I need to be pointed as well.

Strengthened By Grace

We talked in previous content about how the last verse of the Bible points us to the grace found in Jesus.  The entire Bible oozes with this powerful grace.  We would be smart to live in it! Are you exhausted? You need His grace. Discouraged or sad? You need His grace. Is there a lot on your plate? You need His grace. God’s grace empowers you. It lifts your head. It gives you the strength you need to continue on.  

I want to make this very elementary and invite you to simply camp out at the cross for the day. Whatever your day may look like, I challenge you to be intentional about keeping your focus on the cross and the grace that is found there. You may not be able to lift yourself out of your funk, but your God can. He purchased you with grace! Let that reality change and strengthen you. Your circumstance, your issues, your sadness, your fears, even your sin, none of them match up to the grace found in Jesus.

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One thought on “Where To Find Your Strength

  1. “She travels outside
    Of karma, karma
    She travels outside
    Of karma
    When she goes to work
    You can hear her strings
    Grace finds beauty
    In everything” -U2

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